Special Marriage

Special marriage is a marriage registered under the special marriage act, 1954. Special marriage act was enacted for marriage of divorced partners, foreign nationals and people belonging to different castes. Any marriage which cannot be registered under other given acts such as Hindu marriage act, Muslim marriage act or foreigner’s marriage act can be registered according to the provisions of the special marriage act. And if you are seeking any kind of legal help for marriage registration under Special Marriage Act 1954 in Chandigarh, you are at the right place then.

Special Marriage

Special Marriage Act Required Documents:-

For registering a marriage under special marriage act, following are the documents required for completing Special Marriage Act Procedure legally.

  • Proof for date of birth for both of the parties (Matriculation/Senior secondary certificates or Birth certificates can be used as proof for date of birth)
  • Passport size photographs for both the parties.
  • Both partners shall provide affidavits for their marital status stating they are single.
  • If any of the partner is divorced than they should provide an affidavit stating their current marital status and they should also provide their divorce decree.
  • Total three witness from both sides shall be present during the marriage registration.
  • In case the parties belonging to foreign national, parties should submit a no objection warrant signed and verified from their respective embassy.

Notice and waiting period:-

For registering a special marriage parties should serve 30 day notice period, in the registrar office at one of the district where one of the party or both of them resides. After the 30 days’ notice period has been served the parties, marriage can be solemnized at the registrar office directly in presence of three witnesses

Binding Effect of Marriage:-

The Special Marriage Act 1954 notes are having much clear demarcation of every detail you need. The marriage registered under the special marriage act will be binding on both parties, and the marriage certificate launched in name of the parties will have documentary evidentiary value. The parties committing to marriage under special marriage act obtains inheritance rights.

Single status:-

In certain scenarios parties must submit their single status, such as in case of foreign national having a marriage in India, the foreign national must submit a declaration verified or given by the respective embassy of its nation stating its single status. In case if a person was married before, the person must also submit the decree of divorce. And in case of special marriage act divorce matters, it is mandatory for the parties to submit their single status proof.

Other marriages:-

Any other marriage which is not specifically mentioned under special marriage act or any specific marriage statute like Hindu marriage act and that marriage is if solemnized is legal and is validated by the constitution of India then that marriage can also be solemnized under the term special marriage.

Marriage certificate:-

According to section 15 of the special marriage act marriage will be registered after all the prerequisite conditions have been satisfied and a marriage certificate is given in name of the parties. Marriage certificate online application will easily help you in getting marriage certificate in Chandigarh.

Our Legal team

We have highly skilled law practitioners working and guiding young couples in solemnizing marriage. Our team of skilful civil lawyers can be contacted to solemnize marriage registration in Chandigarh under Special Marriage Act, 1954. Our team gives it their best shot to make it a hassle free and convenient process for you. In addition, our well practiced court marriage lawyers in Chandigarh ensure the whole procedure to be less time consuming for you.

Eligibility & Mandatory Requirements

Minimum Age

  • Bride: 18 Years
  • Groom: 21 years

Documents Required

Bride & Groom must provide:

  • 7 passport sized photographs
  • Valid Age Proof (Anyone from the list below)
  • Address Proof (Anyone from the list below)


  • Aadhar Card
  • Matriculation Certificate
  • Passport
  • Driving License
  • PAN Card
  • Birth Certificate
  • Voter I-Card
  • Ration Card
  • Rent agreement (minimum six months old)

Two Witnesses

Each witness must provide:

  • 2 passport sized photographs
  • Valid Age Proof
  • Valid Address proof

(For Special Marriage Act 3 witnesses are required.)

Other Documents

  • Bridegroom’s & Bride’s Joint Photo
  • Wedding Card/Marriage photographs
  • Bride and Groom’s group photo with family
  • If any party is divorcee / widow / widower (Certified copy of that proof)