Foreigner Marriage

Foreigners are the internationals, who are in Indian region for a specific period of time, scenario of marriage registration between foreigners and NRI (Non Resident Indian) is quite similar but they vary by way of their approach towards visiting the nation, If a person is visiting and staying in India for a short period of time or specific period of time for a specific purpose, It is foreigner.

Foreigner Marriage

Marriage in India:-

Marriage in India is supported by various customs and traditions and is more commonly done by the religious rituals, in India, there are many traditions following which a marriage is solemnized in India these ways are Hindu marriage, Christian marriage, Parsee marriage, Sikh marriage traditions etc. However in each scenario the marriage requires its validation and registration through courts or registrar offices.

Marriage registrations statutes:-

In India a marriage is legally verified by different statutes and laws such as Hindu marriage act, Special marriage act Divorce act and Muslim marriage act. Hindu marriage act covers marriage solemnized between Parsee, Sikhs, Buddhist, Hindus etc. while Muslim marriage act only covers registration of marriages of Muslims. Other marriages like Christian marriages, marriage of divorcee is covered under Special marriage act. Marriage of foreigners will also be registered under special marriage act.

Key Requirements:-

Foreign nationals seeking to register marriage in India must complete following conditions.

  • Passport size photographs
  • Address proof
  • A valid Visa of least 30 days to stay in India
  • A no objection letter taken from embassy of the persons respected nation, with a statement and affidavit of No prior active marriage in case the person was married before.
  • Documentary evidence of 30 days stay in India
  • An affidavit stating single status in case parties was married before.
  • Birth certificate as proof of age.

Stay of the foreign national:-

The stay of foreign national is key fact in performing a foreigner’s marriage, Foreign national should stay for a least of 30 days and a verified proof of its stay is required for the marriage registration.

Religious marriage Or Civil marriage?

As discussed above the marriages in India is practiced with various traditions, such traditions are to be followed according to society to consider a couple to be married, but it is not a requirement by law and a marriage can be done and registered following civil laws under various statutes as mentioned above. The marriage is to be registered under registrar office, after the marriage conditions are fulfilled.

Why registration necessary?

Registration of marriage is necessary in condition for foreign marriage because registration certificate is required in case of getting Visa and for immigration purposes, the marriage certificate can be taken from the registrar office after meeting the conditions of marriage, after the marriage is solemnized either by religious way or by civil way.

Civil Marriage process:-

To conduct civil marriage, help of best lawyers should be taken into account, the advocate will be guiding throughout the process, and Documents required must be submitted to and is collected by the advocate and then is solemnized and registered according to the process of that of the office of Registrar, after all conditions are satisfied the marriage will be registered and registration certificate will be provided.

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